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FBI Finds ZERO Evidence Orlando Terrorist Was Gay; Likely Complete Fiction To Distract From ISIS Ties

Newsflash: the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen really was inspired by ISIS. The evidence has been overwhelming. He called 911, and …Read the Rest

Mayor Carjacked From Same City Trayvon Martin Was Killed In

Living in the public eye can be a difficult thing. Especially for lawmakers and politicians. Mayor Jeff Triplett found this …Read the Rest

Orlando Residents Demand Mosque Be Shut Down For Breeding Too Many Terrorists

In a controversial move sure to outrage liberals everywhere, residents in Orlando are pushing to shut down the radical, extremist …Read the Rest

White Man Arrested For Shooting A Black Thug Breaking Into His Truck

Well, it’s happening again. A white man is being arrested for defending himself against a black criminal who was breaking …Read the Rest

Senator Moves To Block Current Legislation From Putting Harriet Tubman On $20 Bill

According to recent reports, Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa is taking a stand in an attempt to keep Andrew …Read the Rest

Muslim Student Challenged A Christian Speaker, Her RESPONSE? OMG! Speechless!

Recently, Brigitte Gabriel, an American journalist, activist, author and social commentator answered the question, “Why fight an ideology with weapons …Read the Rest

BREAKING: ISIS Terror Attack At US Airbase

According to some shocking new reports, U.S. air bases all over the world are on high alert after reports that …Read the Rest

The “Nation Of Immigrants” Half-Truth And Its Corporate Sponsors

The Supreme Court momentarily impeded President Obama’s attempt to “fundamentally transform America” last week with its 4-4 vote on his …Read the Rest

Obama Bashes Whitey AGAIN, In Speech At Entrepreneurship Summit (VIDEO)

This past Friday President Obama gave a speech in Palo Alto, California at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. It was one …Read the Rest

Obama Set To Approve TRANNIES In The Military (VIDEO)

The Obama administration will allow transgenders to serve in the military beginning July 1st. Currently, the military deems transgenders psychologically …Read the Rest