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Top Democrat Just Resigned In Disgrace After Sinister Discovery Reveals The Unthinkable

According to recent reports, Rep. Chaka Fattah was convicted earlier this week of charges including racketeering, bank fraud, mail fraud …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Military Trucks Spotted On U.S. Highways, Martial Law Is Upon Us

Several pictures showing U.N. marked vehicles on an interstate highway in Virginia appeared on Facebook this weekend, and they are …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Supreme Court Overturns Landmark Texas Pro-Life Law 5-3

Evil! Blood of the innocent babies is on our hands. The baby holocaust continues. This is so despicable and evil. …Read the Rest

Bill Maher Nails Islamophobia: ‘It’s Not A Phobia When It’s Real!’ (VIDEO)

He is spot on about Islam. I can’t believe Islam is still allowed in the world. When all they do …Read the Rest

OUTRAGEOUS! Obama Pentagon To Allow Openly ‘Trans People’ In The Military

This is DISGUSTING! Obama is on a mission to completely destroy our Military. From Louder With Crowder Remember when Obama …Read the Rest

EVIL –  Judge Forces Public Hospitals To Perform Abortions In Washington State

This is tragic and evil. The baby holocaust continues. It seems the left is obsessed with slaughtering babies. How dare …Read the Rest

Obama Declares Homosexuality One Of The Greatest Achievements In US History

Obama never ceases to amaze me. I can’t for the day when Obama finally comes out of the closet. We …Read the Rest

Authorities Still Looking For Self-Described ISIS Jihadis In Philly After Brutal Attack (VIDEO)

Police are still searching for five men who are suspects in the brutal beating of three Americans who were eating …Read the Rest

British Politician Just Said Something That Has The WHOLE WORLD Laughing At Obama… WATCH!

Obama encouraged British voters to vote to remain in the European Union – but when Obama makes an endorsement, it …Read the Rest

Burqa Clad Muslim Slave Threatens BOMBING At LAX … CNN Silent! (VIDEO)

If someone threatened a hate crime, I think the media would report on it. But a Muslim threatening violence? Nope. …Read the Rest