According to rent reports, House Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy confronted Democrats for trying to dismiss the committee’s report as being about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rather than a true investigation of the facts surrounding the September 11, 2012 attacks.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday, Gowdy commented on the committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Elijah Cummings and others from his party on the committee.

“They will be shocked when they read the report, if they do bother to read the report,” Gowdy argued. “It is a series of heroic acts by our fellow Americans, and what we can do to prevent the next.”

“Yes, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time,” he continued. “I can’t get around that fact. But the focus of this report is on exactly what the families asked us to focus on, and shame on the Democrats for figuring that out two years late.”

“We mention Secretary Clinton’s name less times than the Democrats do, despite the fact our report is twice as long,” Gowdy insisted.

Rep. Mike Pompen, who also served on the Benghazi committee, chimed in as well. He argued that it is not just that his Democrat colleagues are ill-informed, but that they actively tried to avoid the work members were charged to do.

“We have been obstructed every step along the way…including by the very Democrats today that are calling us political,” Pompen argued. “Go read the transcripts. Look who called the witnesses. Go look who asked the questions. This is not the first congressional inquiry in the history of America. I dare you to go find another congressional inquiry where one party behaved in a way that was deeply obstructive of getting the American people the facts they needed.”

Throughout the interview, host Joe Scarborough compared the Benghazi military response to President Jimmy Carter’s failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran in 1980.

Gowdy agreed that tragic decisions were made throughout the crisis, but the biggest indicator of the Obama administration’s true response comes from a meeting held at the White House with Clinton and deputies to top cabinet members, three hours after the attack began.

“That was when the decision was made not to go to Benghazi [with military assets], but to go to Tripoli. That is when all the concern was expressed about hurting the Libyans feelings by showing up in uniform,” Gowdy argued.

In fact, Gowdy believes that half of the action items that came out of the White House meeting had to do with an anti-Islam internet video, which Clinton and other officials later blamed as the cause of Benghazi.

What do you think? Are you ready to hear the truth from Hillary?

Source: American News

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