The terrorist attack in Benghazi has been a source of heated debate for nearly four years now, with many Americans criticizing Hillary Clinton for not sending extra security as per the request of Ambassador Chris Stevens, who died in the attack.

Perhaps one of Hillary’s most vocal critics has been Patrician Smith, whose son Sean was an information management officer who also lost his life in the attack.

Following the release of the Republican-led House Select Committee report on Benghazi, Smith took her hatred of Clinton to a whole new level, insisting that she believes the Democratic front-runner belongs “in stripes”, or behind bars.

“Hillary is a liar,” Smith told Deirdre Bolton of Fox Business Network on Tuesday. “All they said, all they reported, I imagine, I haven’t seen the report yet, but, all the reporting is what Hillary told them. And I say she lied to them.”

While the report doesn’t accuse Clinton of any crime, it does highlight several instanced of incompetence, including a lag in response time following to the attack.

“It’s time to move on,” Clinton said, responding to the latest report.

“Have her call me!” Smith dared Clinton. “Hillary, I’m waiting for what you promised me. All I heard was you getting on TV calling me a liar. That’s not true, Hillary. I am not the liar. You are the liar.”

Source: American News

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