An American led coalition of fighter jets & attack helicopters utterly DESTROYED a convoy of ISIS vehicles attempting to escape Fallujah, Iraq on Wednesday.

At least 40 vehicles were destroyed, and 250 ISIS fighters killed according to a senior U.S. defense official who spoke to Fox News.

Check out video of the slaughter released by coalition forces.

Like your barbecues with a little “Killing radical Islamic scum” background music? Here’s the same video with an AWESOME backing track.

Iraqi military units have been battling for over a month to retake the city that U.S. Marines took in 2004 in “Operation Phantom Fury.” Ninety-five of our men were killed, and 560 were wounded in the battle. Over 1300 Islamic insurgent b-tches were killed, though.

Veterans and politicians were disgusted because Obama withdrew our forces from Iraq which allowed ISIS to take the city over, along with half of Iraq.

ISIS got their comeuppance this week thanks to our brave servicemen & women (No, not you Obama, you sick pos).

All this barbecue needs now is some BACON fat dripped on it. OORAH!

Let’s hear it for our HEROES wiping out Islamic terrorist scum! Kill them ALL!

By Jeff Rainforth
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