According to disturbing new reports, San Francisco and Las Vegas are the latest American cities threatened by ISIS in a video released by the terrorist group.

The footage, which praises Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, includes clips of the police response to the massacre at the Pulse nightclub. It also shows footage of the Golden Gate Bridge and several other San Francisco landmarks as well as the Las Vegas Strip.

The disturbing video also features images of President Obama with blood spattered on the screen, as well as images of Obama with French President Francois Hollande—with flames closing in on them.

According to reports, the voiceover included with the video is “encouraging more attacks in San Francisco in the same vein as the Pulse incident in Orlando…”

The video also shows footage of the Council on American Islamic Relations, and accuses them of cooperating with non-believers.

Last week, ISIS called for attacks on Brussels and Berlin in the wake of the Brexit vote. Many believe that was an attempt to further destabilize Europe.

New York, Washington and Orlando were all cited as possible ISIS targets as well.

“The Obama administration continues to ignore its top level advisers at the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security,” Leo Dunson wrote on Conservative Daily Post. “ISIS is a serious threat that needs to be met by the full force of the United States Military and our Intelligence Agencies.”

What do you think of the latest development? Should the administration be taking these threats very seriously?

Source: American News

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