God bless this woman. How heartbreaking to know how she lost her son. Knowing he could have been saved…thanks to Hillary for allowing 4 Americans to be slaughtered.

Yet..shes still allowed to run for president. Unbelievable!

From Louder With Crowder

Shockingly, Hillary Clinton says it’s time to move on from Benghazi, what with the fact it being inconvenient for her as she runs for President. Also, let’s move on from the e-mail scandal. And the fact that her husband can’t keep it in his pants. While we’re piling on, let’s also move on from Hillary involvement in a murder. ALLEGEDLY.

You know who isn’t ready to move on? Patricia Smith. Her son Sean Smith was one of the victims who died. In Benghazi. Not one of the other Clinton scandals. Benghazi. Read More


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