While the nation was devastated by one of the worst domestic mass shootings in history, the so-called No. 1 anchor of MSNBC found it an appropriate time to joke about politics.

On Sunday, Brian Williams was interviewing former Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla. when he suddenly changed direction.

“Senator, I’m listening to your politics and wondering what branch of the Republican Party you’re in these days and can you find it with a flashlight?” Williams asked.

Martinez was clearly shocked by Williams’ comment, but he did not back down.

“My goodness, Brian, I was hoping we weren’t going to talk about that tonight,” he replied. “That’s a difficult one for me.”

“Sorry, I have to,” Williams pushed.

“Look, the fact is that, you know, we have a great country,” Martinez responded. “I am an immigrant of this nation and I live in love of this land and what it stands for. Days like today just break your heart. We can never forget the greatness of this nation and the ability of people to come together. When you see 600 people standing in line to donate blood when the call went out that it was needed, that’s the American that I love and regardless of the R’s ad D’s, that’s the American I hope we all pull for and will prevail out of these horrible events.”

Williams then passed coverage back to anchor Kelly O’Donnell. Moments later, Williams had to take to the air to apologize.

“As we said and with apologies with the look at the inevitable politics of even a national tragedy given that we are in a political season, but the words right below us there, ‘Deadliest Mass Shooting in American History,’” Williams commented. “That is the conversation tonight. That’s the story we’re covering tonight. The tragedy we all woke up to the morning. Our coverage will continue after a break.”

“It’s serious. It’s tragic, and certainly not the time to offer quips about the current state of the Republican Party, wrote Matt Vespa on Town Hall. “Williams’ joke obviously didn’t sit well—and it shouldn’t.”

Watch the footage below and tell us what you think.

Source: American News

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