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Joint Base Andrews Outside Washington, Dc, Reports An Active Shooter (VIDEO)

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EPIC!!!! American Air Attack BARBECUES ISIS Fallujah Convoy… With Lead BACON! 250 Dead! WATCH!

An American led coalition of fighter jets & attack helicopters utterly DESTROYED a convoy of ISIS vehicles attempting to escape …Read the Rest

Mother Of Benghazi Victim Breaks Her Silence, DESTROYS Hillary Clinton On Live TV [VIDEO]

The terrorist attack in Benghazi has been a source of heated debate for nearly four years now, with many Americans …Read the Rest

BREAKING: ISIS Announces Attack On These U.S. Major Cities

According to disturbing new reports, San Francisco and Las Vegas are the latest American cities threatened by ISIS in a …Read the Rest

Trump Under Fire After Making Huge Announcement About Muslim Immigration Ban

In a controversial move away from his initial proposal, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has clarified that he never had …Read the Rest

Trey Gowdy Will Stop At Nothing To Take Hillary Down For Her Crimes, But He Needs Your Support Now More Than Ever

According to rent reports, House Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy confronted Democrats for trying to dismiss the committee’s report as being …Read the Rest

Hot Celebrity Chef DESTROYS Obama – Guns Don’t Kill People, Radical Islamic TERRORISTS Do! WATCH!

Tamara Coleman, aka Freedom Daily’s own Freedom Chick, SHREDS Obama over his refusal to say the words Radical Islamic Terror, …Read the Rest

Benghazi Victim’s Mom DESTROYS Hillary: ‘She’s A Liar!’  (VIDEO)

God bless this woman. How heartbreaking to know how she lost her son. Knowing he could have been saved…thanks to …Read the Rest

New Investigation Leaks, Obama Financing Mosques Worldwide With US Tax Dollars?

According to some shocking new reports, a Channel 2 Action News investigation found that the State Department is sending millions …Read the Rest

Veterans Groups Face Off Against ‘Caring For Our Heroes In The 21st Century Act’

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) has recently drafted a 58-page document entitled,“Caring For Our Heroes in the 21st Century …Read the Rest