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Welfare Queens Furious Because Their Food Stamps Have Been Cancelled [VIDEO]

Americans are becoming more and more dependent on the government’s handouts, with a noticeable increase in the country’s privileged mindset. …Read the Rest

LOL! Hot Celebrity Chef Tells Hillary To SHOVE Her Woman Card – LOL!!!! WATCH!

The 2014 winner of TNT’s “On The Menu,” Tamara Coleman, aka Freedom Daily’s own Freedom Chick, went after Hillary & …Read the Rest

Texas Vigilantes Strap Up, Plan To Defend Our Country Against Muslim Jihadists

President Obama has repeatedly ignored the immediate danger of Islamic extremism in this country. He has refused to associate ISIS …Read the Rest

Cops Deliver Brutal Beating To Anti Trump Protesters With Batons In San Diego [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump protesters seem to be greeted the legendary businessman wherever he goes these days. From blocking roads to getting increasingly …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Michelle Obama Caught In Alleged Sex Scandal

Barack and Michelle Obama have repeatedly denied that their marriage is on the rocks, but we continue to hear rumors …Read the Rest

Welfare Thug Threatens To Kill Trump If He Takes Away Food Stamps [VIDEO]

A new video is going viral online, showing a young thug ranting about how he intends to kill Trump if …Read the Rest

Come And Attend Or Watch The National Memorial Day Parade

You are invited to attend or watch the 2016 National Memorial Day Parade this coming Monday, May 30, 2016 at 2:00 …Read the Rest

Here Is The ‘Racist’ Ad Causing Liberal Heads To Explode- VIDEO

Ha! According to liberals, everything is racist… except Black Lives Matter! I’d say it’s racist to Call this racist! The …Read the Rest

NO JOKE! This Busty Blonde Kills Islamic State Fighters For Her Day Job – VIDEO!

Holy crap! Hot, educated, and an ISIS killer. Wow! Doesn’t get much better than that! Somebody wife her up!! “Via …Read the Rest

AMAZING!! WWII Vet Reunited With Holocaust Survivor He Freed From Concentration Camp 71 Years Ago (VIDEO)

A World War II veteran from Colorado was reunited with a Holocaust survivor whom he set free from a concentration …Read the Rest