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Watch What This Thug Says After Being Accused Of Plowing Over 160 Memorial Day Crosses

In a disturbing new report, a display of crosses dedicated to deceased military members in Henderson, Kentucky was destroyed after …Read the Rest

Muslim With ISIS Affiliation Attacks Texas Cop Doesn’t Get Far When 2 Bystanders Appear [VIDEO]

As Wahib Sadek was being arrested in Dallas-Forth Worth, he told officers that he was affiliated with the Islamic State, …Read the Rest

Watch 228000 Flags Planted For Memorial Day In 1 Minute

Each year in Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day, the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, known as the “Old Guard”, …Read the Rest

New Evidence That Obama’s Birth Certificate Is 100% Fake

In a recent radio interview, Sheriff Joe Arpaio confirmed that he is “pretty well convinced” that President Obama’s birth certificate …Read the Rest

AWFUL! RACIST Liberals VICIOUSLY Abuse Black TRUMP Supporter (VIDEO)

The black Trump supporter is right, anti-Trump protesters are thugs who behave like animals. 99.9% of Trump supporters are civil, …Read the Rest

BREAKING: Government Releases VERDICT On Hillary Emails….

Hillary for prison, 2016! Via Young Cons: A new audit by the State Department has faulted former Secretary of State …Read the Rest

CHICAGO Starts Memorial Day Off With A BANG! Girl, 15, Shot Dead Among 3 Killed, 12 Wounded

Black lives don’t matter, unless a white cop shoots them! Nothing new for cesspool Chicago, the liberal, gun-free utopia! Via …Read the Rest

Entitled Muslim Make Demands About Work Dress Code, Then Employer Teaches Her a Lesson!

Soon Muslims will demand sharia law be implemented nationwide. We need a president who isn’t a scumbag, and one who …Read the Rest

HEARTBREAKING! Police Make Traffic Stop On Black Lives Thugs, Then All Hell Breaks Loose! Cop Shot In FACE!

This is what Obama and BLM have brought on America, a war on cops. These thugs need to burn in …Read the Rest

Trump Commercial Destroys His Critics From Cruz To Romney And More…

Hilarious. The Trump campaign released this video looking back at all the pundits & politicians who said he wouldn’t be …Read the Rest