We wish we could say this was a joke, but it appears that this is actually happening. According to reports, students in Massachusetts claimed they were actually traumatized by an image of a Confederate flag sticker on another student’s laptop.

Framingham State University reportedly offered counseling services to the “traumatized students” and all those affected.

The offer came after the university’s “chief diversity and inclusion officer” described the display of the Confederate flag sticker as a “bias incident.” Sean Huddleston also said the flag and other symbols “are not condoned” by the University.

“Many see the Confederate flag as an inflammatory symbol of oppression and constant reminder of a dark period in the history of the United States in which slavery was illegal,” Huddleston continued. “Others may simply view this flag as a symbol of shared southern heritage and in memory of the Civil War.”

Two students reported filed “bias reports”, which are described as “situations that may not rise to the level of a criminal act, but still clearly communicate offensive or derogatory behaviors.”

What do you think? Is this absolutely absurd?

Source: American News

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