Here’s a story from Conservative Tribune that’s a bit more intense then what you’ll see on COPS:

A video went viral on the Internet on Sunday showing a shirtless and probably intoxicated man bullying fellow passengers on a Los Angeles subway train.

Stumbling and storming back and forth along the aisle of the subway car while wielding his cellphone charging cord as if it were a dangerous weapon, the man cursed and threatened those individuals near him or in his way, repeatedly warning them not call him a “weirdo.”

One passenger smartly used his bicycle to shield himself from the bully, but another passenger was not so lucky, and soon found himself cornered with the angry man directly in his face.

Everything changed in an instant though, as another passenger stepped up behind the bully and placed him in a headlock-style sleeper hold, eventually lowering the subdued bully to the floor of the subway car.

As the Daily Caller jokes, it has all the classic elements of a street fight:

  1. Shirtless antagonist
  2. Unconventional weapons
  3. Secret savior
The video has already racked up over eight million views in just ten years.

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