So cockroaches go missing….hmmm I’m sure they will be back ..and I’m sure dead bodies will be involved. Shame on these countries for accepting this. When will the world ever wake up?

From Pamela Geller

There is a vast underground network in Europe. Millions of Muslim migrants have “gone missing.” But not for long. We’ll be seeing them again —

“Half of Idomeni Camp Migrants Missing,” By Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, 29 May 2016:

After the Greek government successfully cleared 8,000 migrants from the Idomeni camp, half of them have gone missing.

The notorious Idomeni migrant camp, that has been the subject of attempted border crossings, riots and even deaths, was finally cleared as of Thursday morning. The Greek government had plans to relocate the estimated 8,000 migrants living in the make-shift camp for weeks, and used a combination of military and police personnel to clear the site. Read More

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