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Like a Bad Zombie Flick, Dead People Just Keep on Voting

Who says there’s no such thing as life after death? If voting rolls are any indicator, dead people these days …Read the Rest

Welfare Leech Told Cops ‘Everyone Steals From This Store… Why Are You Pi…’

This is absolutely ridiculous. According to reports, when a 26-year-old woman was caught stealing in Vero Beach, FL, she accused …Read the Rest

College Kid Demands Counseling After Being ‘Traumatized’ By Seeing The Confederate Flag Sticker

We wish we could say this was a joke, but it appears that this is actually happening. According to reports, …Read the Rest

BREAKING: White House Goes On Lock Down Right After Obama Does THIS

According to reports released on Monday, the White House was placed on lock down shortly after President Obama returned the …Read the Rest

BREAKING: A New Presidential Candidate Might Have Just Entered The Race

According to a breaking tweet from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, another presidential candidate—an independent—is set to enter the race …Read the Rest

Obama Supporter Gives Cop Attitude, Get’s Exactly What She Deserves [VIDEO]

A video of a liberal getting pulled over and attempting to give a police officer attitude is going viral. Why? …Read the Rest

This How Google Is Honoring The Fallen Today

Wow..Could it be any smaller? I keep forgetting Memorial Day isn’t a communist holiday. How dare we forget that. (Sarcasm) …Read the Rest

Remember The Heroes Who Died For Your Freedom

“We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free.” – Ronald Reagan As …Read the Rest

Half Of The Muslims In Massive Migrant Camp ‘Go Missing’

So cockroaches go missing….hmmm I’m sure they will be back ..and I’m sure dead bodies will be involved. Shame on …Read the Rest

VIOLENT THUG Threatens Subway Riders, Until This Off Duty Cop Puts Him To Sleep!

Here’s a story from Conservative Tribune that’s a bit more intense then what you’ll see on COPS: A video went …Read the Rest