The Catholic Herald reports on recent remarks made by Pope Francis: The persecution of Christians today is greater than in the first centuries of the Church, Pope Francis has said.
At a conference in Rome the Pope said he was “greatly pained to note that Christians around the world are suffering the greatest part of this discrimination. The persecution of Christians today is even greater than in the first centuries of the Church, and there are more Christian martyrs today than in that era.”
The Pope addressed organisers, speakers and participants at a conference entitled “International Religious Liberty and the Global Clash of Values.” The conference was organized by the centres for Law and Religion and for International and Comparative Law at St John’s University in New York and the Department of Law at Rome’s LUMSA University. He said that real religious liberty included the freedom to live according to the values taught by one’s faith.
“Religious freedom is not just a matter of thought or private devotion,” the Pope said. “It is the freedom to live – both privately and publicly – according to the ethical principles that are a consequence of the truth found.” Read the rest of the article here.


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